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Get the Tyg Tickets e-ticketing software system and take control of your online ticket sales. Sell your tickets online with our easy to install (cloud based) software, safe payment gateway and secure checkout pages. Whether you want total control, or you need us to help, we have lots of different ticket packages to suit your needs; no event is too big, or too small.

You can create dated tickets, timed tickets, linked tickets and open dated passes (for Membership Cards) and control how many tickets are sold for your venue capacity. You can also send out promotional information attached as an E-Leaflet to the customer’s order, to inform them about extra information at your future events or attractions.

Want to make more of an impact with your branding? No problem, branded tickets and baskets payment pages come as standard. We tailor the branded payment pages to each individual’s attraction or event. Your brand, your logo, your colours – your way.

Each E-Ticket will have your logo, unique bar code and ticket number along with the customer’s name on it. The tickets can be scanned using 2D barcode readers, on site or in the field on event day. With various levels of support packages to suit your individual needs, we won’t leave you or your customers stranded. Whether you need out of hours Technical Support, Customer Support or Telephone Sales, we have something that fits the bill.

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